Renovation of the Conventual Door and Shop

This intervention will consist in the adaptation of the current entrance room to the administrative services and ticket office; the adaptation of contiguous rooms in locker spaces, vending machines and audio-guide distribution; the adaptation of the Sala das Conclusões to a store and exit to the outside; and the requalification of the cloister D. Afonso VI.

The project includes the adaptation of the existing entrance room to the administrative services at the entrance and ticket office, the adaptation of the contiguous rooms in spaces for lockers, vending machines and audio-guide distribution and the adaptation of the Conclusions Room into a store with direct exit to the exterior, as well as the requalification of the cloisters of the prison and D. Afonso VI.

Expected duration: 180 days

 Estimated cost: € 367.518,91

April 2018

Needs Assessment

Guided tour with members of local community

April 11, 2019