Conservation of the West and North Facades

Conservation and restoration of the west and north facades, including maintenance of the coatings, preventive actions for the continuation of works in contiguous areas and to solve some diagnosed degradation phenomena.
The focus will be on the conservation and restoration of masonry, plastering, stained glass, window frames and locksmiths of the spans, as well as the reinforcement of the pigeon deterrent system and the improvement of access conditions and safety of the Monastery.

The goal of this intervention is the conservation and restoration of the stonework, stained glass and portal; the preservation of plaster and its paintings; the recovery of the window frames of the spans and their railings; repair and reinforcement of the pigeon deterrent system; improved access and safety of ladders; and the recovery of the interior courtyards of the exhibition gallery.

Expected duration: 365 days

Estimated cost: € 718,200.28

April 2018

6 de April, 2018

Needs Assessment

11 de Abril de 2019

Guided tour with members of local community

11 de April, 2019

April 11, 2019